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Matthew 5:1-16

by Mark Yang   05/15/2022  



(Sermon on the Mount Part 1)

Matthew 5:1-16

Key verse 3

  1. What did Jesus do when he saw the crowds and his disciples (1-2)? Read verses 3-12, the Beatitudes. What does “blessed” mean? Who does Jesus say is blessed and why? How does this contrast with the world?

  2. Read verse 3. What does it mean to be poor in spirit? Why are they blessed, and by whom? How does one realize they are poor in spirit? Over what might a blessed person mourn, and by whom are they comforted (4)? Who are the meek and what do they inherit (5)?

  3. What hunger and thirst does Jesus promise will be satisfied (6)? What does this mean to you? Who are the merciful and how are they blessed (7)? How can one be pure in heart and what will they see (8)?

  4. What will peacemakers be called and why (9)? When is persecution a blessing (10)? How should the blessed respond when they are persecuted because of Jesus and why (11-12)?

  5. What is God’s purpose upon those who are blessed (13-15)? How are blessed people “the salt of the earth” and “the light of the world”? In view of the Beatitudes, how can we be salt and light and what is the result (16)?