Bible Study Display


by Mark Yang   06/19/2022  


Lesson 1


Ephesians 1:1-14

Key Verse: 1:3

1. How did Paul identify himself? (1a) Who were the recipients of this letter? (1b; 2:11; 3:1) How did Paul greet them? (2) How was the Ephesian church pioneered? (Ac 19:1-22)

2. How did Paul express who God is, who Jesus is, and their relationship to each other and to us? (2-3a) Read verse 3. After greetings, how did Paul begin his letter? Why did Paul praise God? What realization did Paul want the Ephesians to have, living among the rich and affluent people of their times?

3. Read verses 4-5. What did God do for us before the creation of the world, and for what purpose? (4) What specifically did God predestine? (5) How might this have encouraged Gentile believers? What assurance does “predestined for adoption to sonship” give you?

4. What is God’s ultimate purpose in adopting us to sonship? (6a) How did we obtain his grace? (6b,8a) Read verse 7. In order to make us his children, what did God do for us? Why did we need redemption? What can we learn here about God’s way of loving us?

5. Read verses 8b-10. What mystery did God reveal to us? Who can bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth? What hope does this give us? How is this unity being realized in our personal lives, ministry and community?

6. How did Paul apply predestination to believing Jews, including himself? (11-12) How were the Gentiles included in God’s plan? (13) What is the role of the Holy Spirit? (14) What was God’s purpose in revealing Christ to both Jews and Gentiles? (12b,14b) What do we learn in this passage that gives us assurance of our salvation, and of being God’s child?