Bible Study Display


by Mark Yang   06/26/2022  



Philippians 4:1-23

Key Verses: 4:4

1. How did Paul reveal his affection for the Philippians? (1) What did Paul strongly encourage them to do? (1b; 3:20-21) In what ways did Paul try to reconcile Euodia and Syntyche? (2-3) Why do you think Paul valued them so highly?

2. Review how joy had characterized Paul’s personal life. (1:4,18;2:2,17-18; 4:1,10) Read verse 4. Why did he admonish the Philippians to rejoice repeatedly? (3:1) What should be evident to all in a Christian’s character, and why? (5; Col 3:12)

3. Read verses 6-7. What did Paul exhort the Philippians not to do? What should we do when we become anxious? (Notice the words “anything” and “in every situation.”) What blessing comes to those who present their requests to God? (7; Isa 26:3) How does anxiety damage people and communities, and how can we resolve it?

4. Read verses 8-9. What was Paul’s final exhortation? What is the significance of thinking about “such things”? (7; Pr 4:23; Ro 8:5) How does this impact the formation of one’s character and lifestyle? What did Paul emphasize that they practice? (9) Why is it so important to emulate a Christ-centered mentor? (1 Cor 11:1)

5. How did Paul respond to the Philippians’ renewed concern for him, and why? (10-11) What was the secret of his contentment? (12-13)

6. How did Paul express his appreciation for the service of the Philippians? (14-16) What was his real desire? (17) How did Paul consider their gift and bless them? (18-20) What were Paul’s final greetings? (21-23)