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Matthew 5:17-32

by Mark Yang   05/15/2022   Matthew 5:17~32



Matthew 5:17-32

Key Verse: 5:17

  1. Read verses 17-18. What was Jesus' attitude toward the Law and the Prophets (the Bible)? How did Jesus fulfill them?

  2. What does Jesus say about those who break even one of the commandments and teach others to do so? (19a) About those who practice the commands and teach others to do so? (19b) How did the Pharisees fail? (20) How can we be more righteous than they?

  3. How many times is the formula (or its equivalent) “You have heard that it was said...But I tell you” repeated? (21-22, 27-28, 31-32, 33-34, 38-39, 43-44) What does it mean? What does the 6th commandment forbid? (21; Ex 20:13) How did Jesus interpret and apply this commandment? (22) Why is treating others with contempt like murder?

  4. What has priority when worshiping in the temple? (23-24) What does it mean to "be reconciled?" (25-26) Why is it so important to be reconciled with one's brother? With one's adversaries?

  5. What does the 7th commandment forbid? (27; Ex 20:14) How does Jesus interpret and expand the meaning of this commandment? (28) How does Jesus regard the seriousness of this sin? (29-30) Why is this so serious? (1Co 6:18-20) How does Jesus help us? (Gal 5:1,16)

  6. What command of Moses do these verses address? (31; See Dt 24:1; Mal 2:15,16) How is Jesus' teaching different from Moses' teaching? (32) Why is breaking faith such a serious matter? How is this teaching connected with the 7th commandment?