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Matthew 5:33-48

by Mark Yang   05/15/2022   Matthew 5:33~48


Matthew 5:33-48

Key Verse: 5:48

  1. What is usually one's purpose in swearing an oath? How is Jesus' teaching on oaths and swearing different from the Old Testament teaching? (33-36) How is this prohibition against swearing related to the 9th commandment? (Ex 20:16) What is Jesus' principle? (37; Pr 12:22; Eph 4:15)

  2. What is the Old Testament teaching? (38; Ex 21:24) What does Jesus imply about vengeance? (39-42) How should we apply this teaching? (Ro 12:19-21)

  3. In what way does the Old Testament saying encourage us to live naturally? (43) How does Jesus challenge us to live by faith and overcome natural feelings? (44) How must the Christian life be more radical than the lives of worldly people?

  4. What example does God set for us? (45) What should be the goal for which we strive? (46-48; Dt 6:5; Lev 19:18; Mt 22:37,38) What is love that it can be commanded? What can we do when we find that we can't love as God commands?