Bible Study View

Matthew 6:19-34

by Mark Yang   05/15/2022   Matthew 6:19~34



Matthew 6:19-34

Key verse 33

  1. Where should we not store up our treasures and why (19)? What does it mean to store up treasure in heaven and how can we (20)? How is one’s treasure and heart related (21)?

  2. How does Jesus relate healthy and unhealthy eyes1 to light and darkness (22-23)? How is this related to our treasure? Why can’t we serve two masters (24)? How does one become a slave to money? How can we serve God alone?

  3. What things do people often worry about and why (25)? What two illustrations does Jesus give of God’s provision (26-30)? Why is worrying useless (27)? What does Jesus want us to learn (26b, 30b)?

  4. What questions expose our worry (31)? How do the pagans2 seek to meet their needs (32)? For what reason can we be different (32b)?

  5. Read verse 33. What command and promise does Jesus give here? What does it mean to seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness? How does this free us from worry about tomorrow (34)? In view of this passage, what should we do as Jesus’ disciples?

  1. The Greek for healthy here implies generous. The Greek for unhealthy here implies stingy.

  2. The Greek word for “pagans” can be translated Gentiles, unbelievers, or nations – meaning non-Jews.