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by Mark Yang   06/19/2022   Ephesians 3:14~21


Lesson 6


Ephesians 3:14-21

Key Verses: 3:17b,18

1. To what does, “For this reason” relate? (14a; 6,10 [Note: Paul also begins 3:1 with, “For this reason,” but does not include a verb, or finish his sentence, until verse 14.]) What does Paul’s position of prayer reveal about his attitude toward God? How did Paul describe God in his prayer? (14b-15) What would this mean to the Jews and Gentiles?

2. What was Paul’s first prayer topic? Read verse 16. What does “strengthen you…in your inner being” mean? (1:18b-19; 4:14) How can our inner being be strengthened?

3. Read verse 17a. What is the meaning of “Christ may dwell in your hearts”? (Col 2:6-7) Why is this so important? How can we let Christ dwell in our hearts?

4. Read verses 17b-19a. What did Paul want them to know? Why is being rooted and established in love important? What are the four dimensions of Christ’s love? How does this relate to “all the Lord’s holy people”? In terms of unity, why is important to grasp Christ’s love? (Col 3:14) In what sense does love surpass knowledge? (1 Cor 8:1)

5. Read verse 19b. What is Paul’s final prayer topic? What ultimate goal does God have for believers, both personally and as the church as a whole? What progression can you find in Paul’s prayer topics?

6. Read verses 20-21. In Paul’s doxology, what do we learn about God who is at work within us? What does the phrase, “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask” mean to us? What can we learn here about the church?