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by Mark Yang   06/26/2022   Philippians 3:1~11



Philippians 3:1-11

Key Verse: 3:10

1. What theme does Paul repeat in verse 1? In what respect is rejoicing in the Lord a safeguard in relation to legalism? What warning did Paul give them? (2) Why did Paul use such strong language? How did Paul contrast the true circumcision with legalism? (3)

2. For what reasons could Paul have been confident in the flesh? (4-6) How are the first four things different from the last three? Why were these things a basis for confidence in Israel’s culture? What human credentials do people today have confidence in?

3. How had Paul’s value system changed? (7) Why did he consider his past advantages as “loss”/“garbage”? (8) What does “the surpassing worth of knowing Christ” mean? (Jn 17:3; Ro 7:24-25; Col 2:3) What blessing does Christ give, and how is it obtained? (9; 2Cor 5:21)

4. Read verse 10. What was Paul’s master passion? What does “to know Christ” mean? (Mt 16:15-16; 2Pe 3:18) Why did he want to know “the power of his resurrection”? (Ro 6:4,8-9)

5. What is the significance of participating in Christ’s sufferings? (10b-11; 1:29; Mk 8:31,34) What principle can we find here? What do you learn from Paul’s master passion that applies to your practical life and ministry?